Domestic Violence does not go after one specific group like race, gender, class, community, education, level, lifestyle and etc. It comes from all walks of life. Today, numerous of women and men are victimized, they are often reluctant, however, to admit their victimization due to the fact that they may feel ashamed, embarrassed, and afriad if they reveal it. The two major elements in all domestic violence relationships are power and control.  The abuser retains power over the victim and often controls the victim in numerous ways. Even when the victims are able to remain free from the abuser, they often have permanent effects to there mental and physical health and even economic well being. We can say, that if someone ever physically abused you, you would leave, But for some people they feel its not that easy. Its not the breaking free that is hard but the actual process of leaving. Manyof us may not understand why one might stay in an abusive relationship but the strong emotional and psychological forces keep the victim tied to the abuser.  Below are the three main stages to the cycle of Domestic Violence. 


PHASE 11.jpg

1. Tension building phase

Tension builds over time.      It can start small but usually its about either money, children or jobs.  Then the verbal abuse begins. The victim tries to be controlled by trying to please the abuser, which eventually they avoid or give in to the verbal abuse. Then eventually it all reaches to a maximum rage to where the verbal abuse may or may not stop and the physical abuse will begin


2. acute battering episode

The second part of the cycle of domestic violence is the explosion or acute battering episode which is the actual physical abuse. This is triggered by the presence of an external event or even just the abusers emotional state. They usually stop when they feel like there point is made clear. 

PHASE 3.png

3. HoneymooN stage 

The abuser becomes ashamed of there behavior and the abuse. They minimize the abuse and even try to blame it on the victim. That’s when they behave in a charming, loving way. They go back into the person you once knew and fell in love with. This leads to begging to forgive them, promises and non stop apologies. That’s when the victim has a glimpse of faith that maybe they will change.